We put together a team of experts to work on your current challenges. Our experts include engineering teams for feasibility studies, design, integration, deployment, and project support, among others. We work with you to develop solutions that make sense technologically, financially, and practically.

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March 2018 – Godman President Mary Bezzini was a featured speaker in Washington, DC, for Women Seizing New Opportunities with Africa: Driving U.S. - Africa Exports, Investments, and Partnerships. The event was in coordination of International Women's Day 2018. The Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and Director General Erin spoke on the topic. The Director General cited Godman's accomplishments in working with multiple projects on the African continent.

January 2018 – International Investment Bank, Washington, DC, in association with Godman Power announced a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Cabo Verde's TradeInvest program. The team will begin to explore new energy and infrastructure project opportunities in country and are partnered with several others, to include Horton Construction Solutions, led by Terry Horton of D. R. Horton in Texas.


October 2017 – in response to the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico, Godman Power deployed portable solar SunRunr generators to engineering teams on the ground. Godman Power is dedicated to bringing portable power solutions to all United States areas impacted by the 2017 hurricanes, as well as the Caribbean islands. The company is working on retrofit battery back up solutions to be deployed in 2018, with the goal of putting safe power in place prior to the next hurricane season.

May 2017 - The Godman Power team has been designing portable off-grid power solutions for farmers in multiple locations in Africa, whose locations are many miles from power lines and current power sources. The solutions range from 3 kilowatt (KW) solar generators, to portable 40 KW – 100 KW battery back-up combined solar, microwind, and fossil fuel generators. Godman is installing 100 KW to 1 megawatt and above microgrid systems, in remote locations that have not been able to access power. The team is working with US government groups to identify and help farmers in Zambia and Tanzania to deploy portable off-grid solar power solutions.

April 2017 - as part of the International Investment Bank’s Development team, Godman Power has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Cabo Verde’s TradeInvest agency.  The Development team will work with the government of Cabo Verde on a strategy plan to access the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The Godman Power team will focus on the upcoming energy infrastructure projects to be announced.


November 2016 - The International Investment Bank (IIB) has teamed with Godman Power on upcoming microgrid design and deployment projects in Zambia and Cape Verde. Godman Power is part of the IIB’s Development team in the Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Zambia in working together on urban infrastructure projects.

May 2016 - Godman Power deployed portable solar generators and SunRunr equipment in Angola to the cities of Luanda and Soyo. Electrical engineering teams in Angola are working with Godman to deploy microwind with solar power generation.

February 2016 - Godman Power’s research and development team has begun new designs for large portable generation systems that are combinations of solar, microwind, and small generators with fuel, as is available in remote areas. The team will roll out the new designs in 2017 for the United States and African continent.



November 2015 – Godman Power Group Power is teaming and working as subcontractor for a Department of State prime contractor on multiple projects worldwide for power design and construction.

October 2015 – An SBA STEP (State Trade Export Program) grant was awarded to Godman Power Group by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, Office of International Trade, to pursue international activities.

June 2015 – Godman Power Group and Infuze International are working together with US and Turkish engineering partners on upcoming geothermal feasibility studies in Turkey, and on energy and construction projects, including a future hospital project in Turkey.

April 2015 - Enervation, Inc., has teamed with Godman Power Group on their newest international projects. Enervation is at the forefront of technology and a leading supplier of Energy Efficient LED Lighting solutions. Godman’s power design solutions, combined with Enervation’s unique low wattage energy technology, will help jumpstart communities to exist off of their main power grid.  

February 2015 – Godman Power Group is teaming with two new solar and wind manufacturers in the USA and Europe, with plans to move forward on upcoming public-private partnership projects in Europe and Africa over the next four years.


October 2014 - Godman Power Group, Inc., won the Small Business Administration's 2014 Women's Business Center of Northern Virginia Small Business Award.

June 2014 - Godman Power Group Inc., President, Mary Bezzini, won the Women Veteran Entrepreneur Conference (WVEC Competition).


Company Founder, Mary Bezzini, opened Godman Power Group in April 2011 after a long and fascinating career in the federal sector. Her expertise in energy led to consulting subcontracts with the U.S.Army and the U.S. Navy. Her knowledge of power in oil, gas, and alternative fuels brought in commercial clients. Today, Godman Power Group works on engineering, design, testing, training, operations, and maintenance projects across the world. The company is known for its integrity and transparent approach to solving energy problems and developing workable solutions.



Our mission is to help all people have access to safe and affordable energy. We provide the best power integration solutions and services, whatever the problem. We combine innovative design, quality building, and well-planned and executed implementation, with comprehensive support. We seek new ways to combine technologies with emerging solutions. We actively work towards creating a greener planet that will sustain future generations for years to come.